Frau in roter Robe mit Schmuck

12-14 October 2019
The Ritz-Carlton Berlin


FUSION is a unique and unusual event where connoisseurs can appraise, admire and purchase exquisitely crafted jewelry and watches for three whole days.  

FUSION means an atmosphere of closeness, privacy and affinity.  

Only hand-picked premium and luxury manufacturers, the most exclusive dealers and esteemed customers as well as those customers of tomorrow will be meeting here on October 12-14, 2019. The luxurious ambience of the Ritz-Carlton Berlin provides you with the opportunity to arrange business and cultivate contacts in a private setting. 



For hand-picked premium and luxury manufacturers from the jewelry and watch industry, FUSION provides access to the most exclusive dealers and high-class as well as future end customers in a private setting.  

The exclusive, modern design of the exhibition was conceived in such a way as to allow both open networking as well as anonymity. In the separate private areas, all manufacturers have the possibility of transacting business in a personal atmosphere.  


Hals einer Frau mit Kette


At a three-day salon in the luxurious ambience of the Ritz-Carlton Berlin, hand-picked premium and luxury manufacturers present their loveliest pieces of jewelry and most exclusive watches for you. The salon is supported by a spectacular accompanying program: shows, gala dinner and other exciting networking events will make the weekend of October 12-14, 2019 an unforgettable experience for you. 

It's a privilege to visit FUSION.  


Very few cities around the globe have the vibrancy and cosmopolitan flair of Berlin. In art, fashion and lifestyle, the German capital has a creative and inspiring scene for people from all over the world.  

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the city’s newest and most luxurious hotels. It combines classical and modern luxury. It’s situated on Potsdamer Platz, a location with a unique mix of entertainment, art, shopping and culinary delights.  


FUSION takes place October 12-14, 2019 at Ritz-Carlton in Berlin. 

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